Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Weigh in

So Saturday rolled around and after three days of quite frankly, kicking arse, it was scale time.

12 stone 7.25 - a loss of 2.75lbs, athankyouverymuch. I'm really chuffed with that. I suspect my weight three days previous had been badly affected by the junk I ate in the few days before and so it wasn't a 'real' weight, but whatever - I am just happy to be half a stone away from ww, rather than 10lbs. 10lbs seems like a huge jump up.

Saturday was quite a lazy day despite picking 7kg of strawberries which I then turned into 45 jars of jam on Sunday. Four years ago I decided to take on the family jam making as my Granny who used to do it (and marmalade) died about six years ago. It's kind of in her honour and who doesn't love homemade jam.

On Sunday we also decided to for a cycle and some lunch. We live right on the coast and decided to cycle to a beach side diner 10 miles away - up a massive bloody hill. 20 miles, and lunch later we made it to the next town and jumped on the train home. I was actually really pleased we ended up doing a longer route as I felt like I picked at bread, a packet of crisps and chocolate on Saturday night. So at least some extra calories were burned off.

Yesterday I did my new gym programme in the back garden and then nipped out for half an hour of interval training (2 mins slow running/2 mins fast). The gym stuff is all weights. We're talking dumbbell step ups, lunges while holding a weight above your head, single arm rows, and the dreaded plank. My elbows are ruined from mat and grass burns as I try and hold a side plank for 3 seconds, rotate into a normal plank - and then into the other side plank.

When I headed out for my run I was dreading it. Since just before the wedding I feel like I've not really been able to get into a routine - it's just the way life has been. This has meant the time between runs has been all over the shop and so it seems like a massive deal when I am going to go for one and I think it
it's going to be painful as I struggle round my route.

Yesterday I just got on with it. What else are you gonna do? The first few minutes where not enjoyable. But the longer I ran, the stronger I felt. My route took my to the bike shop (did I mention I got a puncture a mile from home on Sunday?) and by the time I had cycled back home, I felt like I could take on the world. I wish I could bottle that feeling.

Then last night I delved into my new baking book; from the Hummingbird Bakery. I can bake a bloody delicious cake but I almost always use the same sponge recipe so I've set myself the challenge of baking every recipe from this book. First up, Banana Boston Cream Cake. I had to make a custard from scratch for the filling, which was a first for me - but it turned out beautifully. I think my edging needs to be tidied up a bit but that's not going to affect the taste!

I can't lie, I did lick at the ganache and there was a tiny bit of cake stuck to the bottom of the tin, that I may have smothered in ganache and scarfed. Oops. I've brought the whole entire cake into the office though - where it shall be devoured by hungry workers.

Current Weight: 12 stone 7.25lbs
Loss: 2.75
Total loss: 3.5lbs


  1. Well done on your weight loss! After losing 7st myself, I know how hard it is and every 1lb down is a huge achievement.
    That cake looks amazing as well.

  2. I bet your colleagues love you! That is one enticing looking cake.

    And am in awe over all the plank business - and jealous of the bike ride, lunch, train home combo! What do you wear for cycling if you're having lunch out too?


  3. The cake went down a treat! I think I'm gonna work my way through the book and force myself to try out things I would normally avoid.

    If I'm having lunch out when on the bike I tent to wear leggins with a floaty dress over the top. Comfy and looks quite good too. Well, that's a matter of opinion I suppose! x


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