Monday, 14 July 2014

Weigh in

I woke up on Saturday feeling thin. Well, thinner.

I had a great couple days and then Friday night was a delicious and healthy thai meal followed by rather a lot of gin. And some red wine. So I think it's safe to say I was pretty dehydrated. This meant when it came to weighing I definitely was at peak lightness and I was highly confident of some sort of a loss.

I got on the scales. 12 stone 4.75lbs. Well my goodness - 2.5lbs off! Bloody hell! I have been working hard so I feel a loss is deserved but that is better than I could have hoped for. Numbers aside (as they can't really be trusted) I am definitely feeling thinner in my clothes. I had my usual jeans on on Saturday and I can feel a difference, without a doubt. Yippeee!

So it's onwards for another five days until my final weigh before we go away.

Current Weight: 12 stone 4.75lbs
Loss: 2.5
Total loss: 5.5lbs


  1. Well done you, that's excellent! Gin before weigh in is obviously the way forward ;-)


  2. She's back!! Well done LC. Keep it up chuck. L xx

  3. That's brilliant - feeling it even more than seeing it actually.



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