Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dear i phone...

... I love you. I know I've not always shown how much and for that I'm sorry.

I know! Just a week into our relationship you were blown off the table by a huge gust of wind- and was I there to catch you? No. I was too busy chatting to other people.

It's my fault that you don't have wifi capabilities. I've dropped you one too many times and after just a few months we had to make things work with just 3G. But we've rallied together. We've made it work.

I'll never forgive myself for leaving you face down in the snow and not noticing you were missing for over an hour. I ran back to find you and there you were waiting for me. I knew then how strong we were- not even the fiercest of elements could keep us apart.

A few weeks ago we faced our biggest trial. You've never liked water and so me dropping down the toilet... well, I though I'd lost you but after a tense weekend of drying out- you came back to me!

I know my laptop and I are close and at times it can seem that I spend more time with them- but you know the truth... it's always been you. It's true! No, I'm not just saying that because my laptop is playing up and is away getting fixed and therefore I'm having to use you to blog. It's true. You're the one for me.

It's because of you I can update my blog with the list of exercise over the past 7 days...

Wednesday: spinning & 10 min run
Thursday: 1.5 hours badminton
Friday: 5pm into a fierce headwind. Squads and running up stairs
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: gym workout
Monday: gym workout (lots of resistance)
Tuesday: spinning and 10 mins cardio after.

It's because of you I can explain that I'm really nervous about tomorrow morning's weigh in and all I want is to lose 3/4 of a pound to take me to my pre holiday weight but thinking back about all that bloody chocolate had got me worried.

Thanks I-phone. Love you always (until my upgrade). Kisses! x

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  1. My colleague is still in mourning that 2 months into a contract, her iphone was stolen from her (closed) bag on the train. It's like a bereavement.

    I have a very old luddite phone so I can but envy from afar. (Wouldn't fancy fishing it out of the loo though!)



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