Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Something in the water

What the hell is going on? I'll cut right to it... Moonraker emailed me yesterday. He's going to be a dad. Okay, go back and read that again because I know it sounds like I'm making it up. But it's true, another one of my ex boyfriends is going to be a dad.

What the fuck is going on?! When you cease being my boyfriend do you have some sort of countdown timer that starts going off before you impregnate the nearest woman to you?

Okay, apart from being shocked that he and his girlfriend have moved so quickly, I'm actually couldn't give two hoots. If it's what he wants then knock yourself out.

He emailed me to tell me rather than me hearing on the grapevine. He said that it's what they both wanted so they decided to go for it and were lucky it happened so quickly.  I'm not so sure I agree. They met and became a couple in November. She's three months gone so she must have gotten pregnant in February. Three months together before deciding they wanted to have a baby together. That's fast by anyone's standards. And this is the person who told me he was in love with me only to change his mind three months later.

I honestly think it smacks of him finding someone to have his child rather than finding someone and deciding they want to have a child together. Whatever the case, it's his choice and it's what he wants and so I hope it works out.

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  1. Men are weird. My brother had a lovely girlfriend, she wanted to get engaged, he didn't so they split up. He met someone else and PESTERED her to get engaged from ridiculously early in their relationship. They got married, then she wanted children, he didn't. He had an affair with some chavvy admin girl at work, he left his wife, the chav got preganant and now they're married with 2 children. His girlfriend was lovely, his wife was lovely but noooooo, he shacks up with a chav who couldn't give a toss about him and just sees him as a meal (and plastic surgery) ticket. Gah. I may have told you this story before.... If so, apologies.

    How did the WI go? Fingers crossed.



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