Thursday, 26 May 2011

Let's get physical, PHYSICAL!

A few weeks ago I strained my left bicep and I've been laying off the upper body resistance until I'm fighting fit. It's not really upset my workouts too much. I've cut out one move from my usual gym workout and I've not been to a bodypump class - that's about it.

However, the weather has been pretty crappy and so I've also hardly been out on my bike - which I've really missed. It's not that I usually count a bike ride as a workout but I use it to cut about the city and that adds on a few miles here and there. I popped out today when I could and discovered a whole new bike path/walkway around a part of the city that I didn't even know existed. Lovely.

So injuries and weather aside, the main types of exercise and working out that I'm getting are cycling, spinning, running and gym workouts (which are a mix of cardio and resistance). Quite a nice mix but I must confess, I am getting a bit bored with the gym workouts. Not good as they form at least 50% of what I'm doing. As so... enter my next challenge - circuit training!

Part of my birthday present from my darling mother is a set of 10 circuit training classes. These classes take place outside in a rugby field and apparently they use 'old school' equipment including dumbells, barbells, free weights, sandbags, tyres, baseball bats and sledgehammers! I am actually quite excited about it and I'm booked in for my first group session on Wednesday evening. However, I've want a few more pounds off before then and I want to be as fit as possible so I'm not dying on the nigh. So, I've got a run tomorrow morning and Saturday, badminton on Monday night and the gym on Tuesday. Onwards!

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