Friday, 6 May 2011

Holiday hooha

I've just realised that the chances of me updating with a final weigh in before I go on holiday is slim to none (no pun intended).

We're leaving tomorrow morning at 4.50am. Ouch. I can't see me getting out of bed earlier so I can crack off a quick update. I'm already nervous enough about the ungodly hour of my weigh in affecting things without having something else to worry about.  I'll try and do it from my phone when I'm at the airport but if I don't get the chance I'll tell you all about it when I get back. I know - you can't wait, can you?!

I do feel pretty good though. Just less.... blobby. If you know what I mean. I tried on a few things that I'm taking on holiday with me and I was pleased with the result. I bought some cut off green trousers a few weeks ago. They were pretty snug when I bought them and while they are still close fitting, I can definitely see a difference.

In terms of exercise since last weigh in... not so good. I've hammered it over the past few days but the long weekend away wasn't helpful.

Thursday - nothing
Friday - 1 mile walk with a very heavy rucksack
Saturday, Sunday & Monday - nothing
Tuesday - 1.5 hour gym work out. Cardio and resistance
Wednesday - 45 min run. Non stop. 8.75kmph pace.
Thursday - bodypump, 10 mins cardio
Friday - 45 mins gym workout.Cardio

The plan for holiday is to enjoy myself and I certainly will be indulging in some lovely holiday foods. What I am not going to do is go mad. I've behaved pretty badly in the past on holiday - secret eating and the like. Never again.

I want to enjoy everything I chose to eat without shoving it in my face for the sake of it. I'm going to try and pick healthier choices and really listen to my body. All being said, I fully expect to come home having gained a fair few pounds. No matter though. I get back on Saturday lunchtime. Sunday morning I'm going to be right back on it. A few friends and I have created a private FB group where we all weigh in and report how we're getting on. Everyone weighed for the first time on Wednesday. I'm reporting tomorrow's weigh in and then the next one will be a post holiday weigh in - so probably heavier! So there is no time to lose!

On a separate note, I am VERY excited about going on holiday with TB. We had a long weekend away together not long after we got together which was amazing but this is out first proper holiday and our relationship is so different now. We were still getting to know each other then and working out how we really felt. Now I feel so secure and so in love with him that I can just relax and enjoy it. Not that I didn't enjoy the last one - I loved it! We're just operating on totally different plane now. I honestly think that this is it. He's everything I could ever want and he makes me so happy. No one else compares and I'm so lucky to have found him. I know - pass the bucket!



  1. Have a lovely time and look forward to an update when you get back.


  2. download Blogpress for iPhone and do a sneaky update on the go! ;)

    Hope you have a FABOO time you hornbag lovebirds you. So glad you're getting a good break together :)

  3. OH DERR i missed the bit where you said you might blog from the airpot. i'm slow!

  4. Have a great holiday! x


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