Thursday, 27 October 2011

Chowing down

Two posts in two days! I know! I think it's safe to say that's a sure sign I am feeling much more focused.

I mean, let's not get carried away I've managed to eat well and exercise for two days. It's not going to melt away half a stone like magic but two days become three and three become four.... and then a few pounds are lost - and then half a stone is melted away.

I'm on super budget lockdown as well and I had a most productive evening last night. A lovely healthy fish pie for tea, a sweaty gym workout, a flat tidy round and then I whipped up some super healthy spicy parsnip and butternut squash soup which I made from from a load of reduced veg I picked up at the supermarket.

The lovely and very witty Peridot asked me for a some examples of the kinds of things I eat on a day to to day basis and so here is today's eats. I've also included the times so you get an idea of what I need to keep me going. It's also an unusual day because I've got meeting at lunchtime which is breaking lunch so it's in two parts.

9am: Hot water and lemon
10am: pineapple, melon, plum and grapes with low fat yogurt
10.30am: coffee
11.30: Satsuma
12. Cycle 4.5 miles to meeting
12.50pm: Slimming world quiche made with cottage cheese and loadsa veg. Small portion.
2pm: Apple
2pm: Cycle 4.5 miles back from meeting
3pm: Homemade spicy parsnip and butternut squash soup
4pm: Coffee
5pm: Raw carrot and a satsuma
7pm: Fish pie (Jamie Oliver recipe made healthier by removing oil) and broccoli
8.30pm: Refresher ice lolly
10pm: Frozen grapes.

I also drink a lot of sugar free diluting juice throughout the day. I might have more coffee than that too.

Right - time to get to my meeting on my wheels of steel. Adios!

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