Thursday, 13 October 2011

Weigh in

Oh dear these posts are getting few and far between.

I have had a mental time with work and the mother of all proposals. Luckily it is out the way now and I am hoping some sort of normality will resume.  Oh wait, what's that... I'm going to see Erasure tonight, I have mountains of other work to catch up on, I'm off to TB's on Wednesday of next week and then we're going to London for the wedding at which I am a bridesmaid. And then I'm staying in London for a pitch.

So, umm.... no normality. In between generally being very very busy I am trying to keep to the dieting straight and narrow but sometimes my backside is just to wide for a skinny crevice and I can't make it through. Yesterday was weigh in and.... I lost 1/4 of a pound. Ha! I could sneeze more than that. However, it's not a gain.

I'm not too worried about it all because the reality of the situation is this... I am still trying. I'm only 3lbs heavier than my lightest ever and I am still keeping on. Since last weigh in I went to one spinning class and one evening I cycled to a meeting I had to go to. That was probably a 7 mile round trip. Not too sure as I broke my speedo!  Sob.  So two workouts. That was it. Oh and a few miles here on there on the bike. Big wow.

By the time next weigh in rolls around I'll have  managed to squeeze in a 6 mile cycle, two gym workouts and a spinning class. That's a bit better. And it's all I can do. That's the long and the short of what I am getting at. I'm by no means doing as much as I could but I'm still doing something. If I can stop eating crap in between meals then I should be able to work with that. I should be able to lose weight.  I'd love to lose a solid pound or more next week - in time for the wedding. There is no reason I shouldn't be able to.

Starting Weight: 204.25 pounds
Current Weight: 178.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0.25 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 25.75 pounds

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