Friday, 14 October 2011

Ohhhhhhh L'amour!

Erasure were bloomin amazing last night. Andy Bell was having a few voice troubles yet he still belted out every number. Loved it.

Me and my bezzie guzzled wine and cider and some vegetable tempura (on the way home on the train) and then I got home and had some supernoodles and a packet of white chocolate buttons. Again with the supernoodles! What is wrong with me? I felt proper hungry, really starving and my drunken strategy was to avoid buying a loaf of bread as I felt as though I could have eaten about 20 slices of toast.

I'm planning a lovely Moroccan lamb tagine for dinner which is nice and healthy and I'm avoiding pudding by opting for crackers, cheese and my homemade chutney. I'm not that keen on crackers and cheese but TB loves them so he can guzzle them all.

I've got a really lazy weekend ahead so I'm going to sneak in a gym workout on Saturday. The only other thing on the cards is a birthday lunch on Sunday- and that's it! Bliss.


  1. OH MAN that must have been SO much fun. Loooove Erasure. Bon weekend you foxy lass!

  2. I also love Erasure and saw them back in the late 90s. They were supported by Heaven 17! Such fun!


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