Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hunting for motivation & houses

Get this, I managed to have a pretty good day yesterday. I know, it's a midweek shocker.

B: Boiled egg and an apple
L: Salmon & roast aubergine salad (packed lunch, no less)
S: Cold meat & raspberries. 1 chocolate
D: Chicken and cauliflower curry. No rice. Small serving garlic flatbread
S: 3 toffees, handful of crisps

That's pretty god damn good- in comparison to any others over the past week. Today feels like it's shaping up to be more of the same although we are heading off to TB's after work until Sunday and so the rest of the day is out of my hands.

In other news.... things are romping on a-pace with the house hunt.  We've seen a place that we really like but ooooh hooo - it's pretty pricey. Offers over £230,000 for a two bedroom. I would really prefer three bedrooms and for that price I'd expect it but this place is lovely and also has two big walk in wardrobes. I'm going to sound like a Phil and Kirsty wanker when I say this... it also has some bloody nice period features. What a house-hunter loser. Ugh.

Best of all, it's in town and I can still walk/cycle my way around. I'm trying not to get too excited about it all as it might be snatched out from under us but we're going to see it again on Monday.

I am actually really excited about clearing out our stuff. We have way too much of it for our flat and man, do I love to throw stuff out. I cannot wait to get binning pre move.

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