Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Weigh in

It's all gone down the shitter.

The diet is kaput and when I weighed myself on Monday morning I was faced with the reality of 13stone 7.75lbs. That's a gain of 3.75lbs in 12 days and takes me back pretty much, to where I was in January.

This year has not gone my way in the healthy living stakes. I've worked so hard for weeks on end to lose just a few pounds, and there it is - straight back on again. This does not please me. But I'm not about the negativity, I am about positive change. I am LoveCat and I will not be brow beaten by a few bloody pounds. Okay, 14 pounds (and that's just for starters), whatever - same deal. To lose 14, you need to start by losing one.

I've not been to the gym for weeks. I've booked in and packed my bags half a dozen times but work has been mental and life is also totally rammed. Throw in some crazy ass snow and it's just not been happening.

Not any more. I am going back tonight. I'm feeling marginally more on top of things at work and so I shall be out of here at 5.15pm.

In terms of the diet, Monday was a great day, until the evening when I met up with some friends and in front of me sat a big bowl of crisps and popcorn. It wasn't there for long - I got stuck in. However, I managed an excellent day yesterday and actually went to bed feeling a bit hungry. Which is how I should be feeling. Who goes to bed sated?

I'm not too sure when I am weighing myself again. It might be Monday, it might be Wednesday. Who knows. Who actually cares - first of all I need to walk the walk (without the wobble).

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