Friday, 1 March 2013

Busy balancing

This week has been MENTAL and I cannot see it slowing down for the foreseeable. Quite the opposite, in fact.
  • Work is super busy. I do 32 hours a week for one agency. I then try and shoehorn my four other clients into 8 hours a week. On top of that, I want to keep up to date with reading blogs, and writing this one. This is usually done during work/lunch.
  • It's the end of the month - always extra work for a small biz owner.
  • CrossFit two times a week and a third thing at the weekend if possible.
  • Voluntary admin role. This is for a project in May and at the moment I am spending at least 40 mins a day on it. Usually squeezed into my working day.
  • Volunteer evening role. Every Monday from 7-10pm. And that's just the time I am actually there, not the prep or meetings.
  • Book club, I'm in two of them.
  • Keeping the flat/housework ticking over (failing at this one, pretty much).
And on top of all this, just like everyone else I quite like trying to keep up with friends and family and you know - having fun. And what about cooking? I like doing that but at the moment it's all a bit slap dash/nipping into the shops on the way home from work. To be honest, it's work that is the main problem just now. Well, it's not really a problem to have a lot of work - just trying to get it all done and keep everyone happy is testing me a little. I foresee early starts and some late nights.

But it's also been a great week. I love to be busy. I suit being busy; it's when I get the most done. TB is also just the best. He is one of the most generous people I know. I lost my iphone headphones (well, they are probably somewhere in the flat but can I put my hands on them?!) and The Bear has some fancy dan ones which be doesn't really use. Next thing I know he gave them to me. Yesterday he won a lovely nikon camera at work and just gave it to me too. The other week I shrank his lambswool jumper (oops!) and while I was annoyed with myself, he just shrugs and says, oh well. And then took the piss out of me. Deserved that.

I got in from CrossFit last night and he had made a healthy and delicious dinner of tuna steak and a cucumber and cabbage salad. No wheat, lots of protein. What a boy. And to top it all off, this morning in bed he tells me he's sure my boobs are smaller and my bum too. Music to my ears! Well, not so much the boobs but if it's coming there it's coming of elsewhere. I tell ya, this ones a keeper.

Right, I have to get back to work. Then tonight I've got book club which is always very boozy and I've been advised by my friend who is hosting that pudding is insane. Oh lordy. Tomorrow I'm off to a ceilidh, complete with plenty booze, tablet and stovies. Yowzers. This will be a test.

I'll leave you with a picture of what we were doing at CrossFit last night. Wall climbs. Once your legs are up  you are supposed to walk  back in the way. That was not happening for me. I got my legs up on the wall though. Today, my shoulders and arms are telling me ALL about it.

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  1. Cross Fit sounds (and looks) hardcore! As does your week, hope you can find a bit of time to relax too!


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