Thursday, 14 March 2013

Weigh in

I'm just not quite getting it together at the moment, diet wise.

I was away at a hen weekend and of course, the booze was flowing. It's pretty hard to avoid it on these sorts of occasions but armed with a bottle of rum and some diet coke (and some eggs for my breakfast. Yes, I am that person that took some of my own food)  I managed to get through the weekend without too many problems.

It was the drive home when things started to go downhill. It was about hour 4 of being in the car. Tiredness and hunger levels were reaching breaking point - and I still had well  over an hour to go. I stopped at a garage, got a cereal bar, some chocolate and a cappuccino.

Monday at work I ate about 5 chocs that someone had brought back from holiday.

Tuesday, the night before weigh in, I got stuck into a pile of toffees, a corneto and some toasted cheese (as well as my dinner). This was after I worked late and so didn't go to CrossFit.

I then weighed in on Wednesday morning to find out I had actually only put on half a pound. I felt quite good about that and so I was geared up to crack on for a fresh new week.

Last night we got in late after viewing a couple of houses (one of which there is a pic of below - the cottage). TB decided he was going to get a chippy. I got a battered black pudding. And also ate a boiled egg in a roll that I made once we got home. Eh? What the hell was I thinking? I then launched the best part of a 100g bar of Galaxy and a Crunchie into my gob.  Oh lordy. This is NOT good.

I'm back on the straight and narrow today and am going to CrossFit tonight. I need to get my head down and get on with getting out of this sodding 13stone bracket. It's almost halfway through March and my progress is glacial.

Challenging my resolve over the next few days are a couple of things...

1. We're bringing in baked goodies to work for Comic relief tomorrow. I'm making snickerdoodles and a Nigella chocolate, peanut tray bake thing. Both will be disgusting, I'm sure. Pah!

2. I'm away at the weekend, volunteering. This is a problem as it's catered for and the activity I am doing is sweet making! Jesus wept.

  •  I have been eating healthily as well as all the crap
  • The cottage we like but are unsure about putting an offer in on
  • Sunny skies on Sunday
  • A RIB on a very cold Loch
  • The fluffiest cat I have EVER seen
  • Rum snuck away in my overnight bag 

Starting Weight: 190.75 pounds
Current Weight: 186 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: + 0.5 pounds
Total 2013 Weight Loss: 4.75 pounds

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  1. You can do this, just regain focus. I have been the same, its been awful week for me food wise but we can do it.


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