Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I do like to be beside the seaside

I'm not normally one to take anything out on a run with me.

I like to keep things free and easy. Just an ipod nano and a house key in my zippy pocket. Thing is, I often think "I'd love to take a picture of this view" to share on this here blog.

I finally decided to wedge my phone  in my sweaty back pocket so I could do just that but I've also started using Endomondo track my runs and routes. 

The first kilometre of my run is along an old railway where it's fairly residential on one side and there's a golf course on the other.

This is where I turn up towards the sea, away from the town. This was about 8.30 yesterday morning.

Up quite a steep hill I go... this is the road I've just been on.

And then I am looking at this. Insane. This is Scotland. This is the beach just moments from my front door. Just look at the sand, the sky, the sea....

The  sun was shimmering on the water. Beautiful.

I then sort of loop round back onto the railway track and into the residential part again. 5.5km and an incredible start to the week - done. I am one lucky girl. 


  1. So beautiful! You are, indeed, lucky.


  2. You really are lucky. That is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Now I need to get out and about again after that dose of inspiration. L xx

  3. Sooooo jealous you have a beach so close! Congrats on your house purchase too.
    Hetty :)


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