Friday, 12 July 2013

Turned on

Super quick update from me as I need to quickly tidy round the house before we have people over for a barbecue later this afternoon. That's right, we barbecue with friends on a Friday afternoon! This is how we roll now people.

Let's put all the house stuff to the side for now. Let's talk diets,exercise and healthy eating. Before we moved house and for the first two days we were here it all turned to shit. It was bad. Things had to change and I was not a happy bunny. So two weeks ago on Saturday, I got the scales out, wiped them down and got on. Oh bugger. 13stone 11.75lbs. Things really had slipped. Slipped right down my throat and attached themselves to my thighs are arse.

I got back on the dieting wagon and had a good week. Not a great week, but a good week. I lost 2lbs at the weigh in. It's a loss. Ideally I would have lost double that (well, ideally I would have lost 4 stone) but I knew I hadn't really put the effort in I should have and 2lbs was better than a slap in the chops.

This week - I have been an angel. I really have made a concerted effort and I've also been out for two (very sweaty) runs; both 5ks. That's been pretty cool as I am learning the streets and places where I live and oh my god - miles of sandy beach is 10mins from my front door. I suddenly came up a dune and was faced with the most breathtaking view of the sun shimmering over the sea. I had to stop and almost had a wee moment to myself. This is my life and I can't believe it. I am going to have to take my phone with me and get some pics next time. I know how much Lesley and Peridot would love them.

So weigh in is tomorrow and I bloody well hope I've lost a couple of pounds. I feel so much better after just two weeks so I NEED to keep this going. I feel like a switch has been flicked. It is ON.


  1. Ooooooh yes....I'm working up to a run again v soon. Great news about the house (and the beach). You sound so happy!! L xx

  2. Yes please to the pics! I cannot imagine how wonderful it would be to live so close to the beach. Or rather I dare not from grubby London....



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