Monday, 22 July 2013

Weigh in

It was enough. What I put in over the last week was enough. It was just wasn't to be with the mother fucking scales.

That's right. I just MEFFED in the intro par. The scales can piss right off. A pound on. I've gained a pound. Well, whatevs because I feel pretty good and I know I did enough. Sure, I got my period about 30 seconds before I weighed myself but that's not something I'm really paying attention to as an influencing factor.

Cause here's what I did in all their glorious mixed up units....

Monday - 5.5km run. 6km cycle. 2 miles of power walking.
Tuesday - 4km power walk
Wednesday - 1 mile cycle, 2 miles power walk
Thursday - 5km run, 6 mile cycle
Friday - Back garden workout (total of 300 skips, 80 boxjumps, 60 burpees, 40 lunges, 10 squats)

So yeah - I am doing the right things and I know I feel better. Certainly more leg tone if nothing else. And who doesn't love leg tone?

Okay, so I can't lie - it did throw me a bit over the weekend. I may have had some chocolate here and there, and some wine, that had I seen a loss, I may have resisted. BUT... I am never defeated! I kicked off the week good style with a 5.2km run (and squats and lunges). Pow pow! I'm weighing on Friday morning. Oh yeah - it's a six day weigh week people. Sound the panic claxon! And then... the power week begins. Hang on to your breeks people (they will be falling down, you see. Too big!).

Can you tell I've had a lot of coffee today?

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  1. Sodding bastard scales. As you know, I have severe form on this issue!



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