Thursday, 3 November 2011

Back to form

So the scales and  I might not be getting along so well just now but there is another piece of equipment that is my new best friend; the treadmill.
I was feeling pretty tired last night. 4.6 miles of cycling around town and a busy day at work had wiped me out and I could not be bothered with the gym. However, Never to be repeated November (thanks for that moniker. Mother. It's been named so as the plan is that we are going to be so amazing in November that to repeat our  actions could never happen again) is here and so there was no option.

At around 4pm I had necked a sugar free red bull and two nurofen. At 6pm I  got home and cranked up the Immaculate Collection full volume while getting changed into my gym kit. At 6.30pm I got on the treadmill. At 7pm I got off the treadmill having completed a 5k.

Let me spell this out... I ran 5km in 30 minutes and 30 seconds. I think that's a personal best!  I'm sure of it. I was only planning to do about 10 minutes of running but I got into a nice steady rhythm and as the minutes ticked by I just decided that I was going to keep going until I hit 5k. At about 3.5k I increased the speed and by the last km I was going for it. So so pleased.

Thanks to that performance I am right back in the zone and I'm even planning to go back to circuits next week. Delightful! I am determined to shift this pesky half stone that has snuck back on.

I'm actually feeling very organised and productive in all areas of my life at the moment. I've been getting the LoveCat Lair ready for renting out. This has involved sorting out all my drawers and chucking out a metric tonne of shite which has been cluttering up my cupboards for years doing sweet FA.  I'm just about there and this weekend TB and I will be getting busy with some paint brushes. I am quite excited!

When I was clearing out my cupboards I found a show box in which I had put lots of letters and other sentimental shenanigans. I had a quick rifle through and found a few items from The Highlander. There were a couple of Valentine cards which were quite nice to read. And then I found a Valentine card from me to him. I had written a message all about how I would always love him with all my heart. It felt really weird see my handwriting alongside his name and a gushing message.

I know I was mad about him when we were together. Of course I was or I wouldn't have hung in there for as many years as I did. But looking back it all seems such a dim and distant memory. I've forgotten so much of it and how into him I was. I think that's partly because I can now look back and see how his behaviour was totally unacceptable at the time. Something I just couldn't process back then.

The way I feel about TB feels so much.... I don't know. I suppose I feel the most in love with TB that I've been with anyone. I've loved a few people in my time, all in different ways, but with TB it's better than I could ever imagine. Not only do I love him because I fancy the pants off him and I feel like we're completely on the same level, but the things he does for me and and the way he puts me first is unlike anyone I've ever met.

I threw my Valentine card in the bin.

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  1. You really put me to shame, how the hell did you manage to get the motivation back? I am trying so hard to get started - I am expanding rapidly - and really need a little of your motivation.

    I also have a huge box of old stuff from ex's / to ex's - especially the LTE. I really should throw mine in the bin too. I guess it is a pretty damn good feeling to finally let go...


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