Monday, 7 November 2011


What a great weekend. TB and I tackled flat painting on Saturday with great success and the place is looking pretty damn good. I've still got a fair few bits to do myself but I feel like we've broken the back of it and the thought of getting going isn't quite the giant mental hurdle it was before.  I feel like I'll be ready to get it on the rental market mid December and then I will hopefully find someone to move in early January.
On Saturday night I went out with some of my friend's and got totally shit faced. I was completely steam boats. This was all before 12pm when we then went to a party where things proceeded to get even more messy. TB rocked up at about 4pm and we carried on with our boozy night until we left at 9.30am! It's been a while since I had such a massive bender - and boy it felt good!

I must confess bits of the night are a total blur but I do remember most of it and also have some vague memories of TB saying something to me about marriage! I'm pretty sure he said something along the lines of "I'm not actually asking you but what would you say if I asked you to marry me?" Ha! I love it! I can't actually remember what I said in reply but I know I didn't want it to be an all out YES! I mean, I don't want him to think it's that easy to snare me! So I think I mumbled something about the chances were pretty high. That is all I can recall, irritatingly.  I know he was completely smashed and so it was just drunken chat but even thinking that it's a tiny thought that has crossed his mind fleetingly, makes me feel all giddy and girly!  I'm not going to think any more about it though. Let's just try moving in together first.

And how did the weekend eating go? Up and down. So much for making a pudding that TB would like and I wouldn't.  I ate just as much as he did (minus the horrible sultanas) but I suppose it was relatively low fat.  Saturday was a poor result. Baguette with chips, pizza and cupcakes all featured. As well as a power of booze. I did stick to diet mixers though and Sunday did balance things out. The hangover and party fall out was rather sizeable and so the full days intake was a few mouthfuls of scrambled eggs, 3 small slices of cold pizza and a few onion rings. Oh, and some banana milk.

My appetite today has returned with a bang and my poor tummy is rumbling. However, keep it lean, keep it mean - is my mantra and I shall have two stupendous days before weigh in. There is no way I could face the gym tonight - the hangover still lingers. Instead I'm hotfooting it 2.5 miles over to my pal's for tea. 

I've got a lunchtime 30 minute power walk planned for lunchtime tomorrow and spinning in the evening. I WILL see a loss this week. Onwards and downwards!

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  1. Too right don't tell him! It's a leap of faith - but actually, he must know the signs are there. I think I said "Well I'll give it some thought when and if I need to". Mind you, I didn't get a proposal for 14 years!



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