Friday, 4 November 2011

I scream, You scream...

Oh dear. Oh  dear oh dear. After my smug post yesterday about how I was feeling super energised and back in the zone, I had  a massive slip up.
The day had gone so well... fruit for brekkie, spinning at lunchtime and then sushi followed by homemade chilli and a sweet potato for tea. But then, I made a huge mistake.

I had bought a tub of ice cream to accompany the apple samosa filo pastry things I'd was making for TB's pudding tonight.  I didn't want to buy a big tub as it's the kind of thing I'd rather not have in my freezer for weeks on end and so I ended up buying  a tub the size of a Ben and Jerry's or a Haagen Dazs.

After my tea I thought: "Oooh, I know. I'll just have a few spoonfuls of ice cream. Just for a little something sweet." I sat down with the tub and a teaspoon. I know! Alarm bells are ringing with you as you read this I'm sure. You can guess what happened next, right? I ate the whole sodding thing. The. Whole. Thing. I was so annoyed with myself. I totally undid all the good work from spinning - and then some! What was I thinking? Well,  that's just it. I wasn't thinking. I totally switched off and mindlessly ate the whole thing. What an idiot.

But wait.... it gets better. You are not going to believe this. I had to pop out to the shops to buy a replacement tub.  Yeah, you've guessed it... I did it again. I ate that entire tub too! What an absolute fanny. I can't quite believe it.  What a waste of all my good work. So so stupid. SO stupid. It's not like I was craving ice cream or something sweet and couldn't stop thinking about it. It's more that the thought popped into my head and that was it.... I turned into a calorie consuming zombie.

So where do I go from here? Right back on it. That's where. I am so angry with myself and also bewlidered at my behaviour. I feel like I've let myself down but I need to let go of these thoughts and focus on moving forward. Negative thoughts are not going to get me anywhere. Everything else since weigh in has been amazing - the exercise especially.

I've got a healthy dinner planned tonight for TB and I (stuffed peppers and grilled pork chops - his will be topped with apple sauce and blue cheese) and the apple things for pudding which I won't like so no worries there. Tomorrow we are painting the flat and so it'll just be sarnies for lunch. Easy. No plans for dinner as yet but I'm going to be insisting on something that's not dripping in oil or cheese or cream.

Saturday night is going to be boozy but I'll do my usual and stick to rum and diet coke. No after boozing snacking. Sunday will be more of a trial as I fend off the hangover but I've done it before and I can do it again.

Have a great weekend peeps and enjoy a 99 for me. x


  1. Ohhhh man. I have done that EXACT thing. Same ice cream tub size, same mindless consumption. Misery loves company :) I know that feeling of regret afterwards, but it sounds like you have the right attitude. Onwards and upwards! (or downwards in weight, as the case may be).
    -Kate in Canada

  2. Have you tried low fat chocolate milk (my prefered option, I always get some ready for the next day)or watermellon as a hangover cure? I find they both work well and stop me craving a Maccy d's!


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