Thursday, 9 May 2013

I LOVE birthdays

Peanut M&M's cake

 Happy Birthday to me! Today am ALL the 3's - thirty three!

I LOVE birthdays and today has been no exception. I woke up early with the love of my life and my pussy cat too. That alone would be enough (and... boake!)but on top of that I've had so many lovely messages from friends and family and even a recording of happy birthday from my friend's wee girl. Too much cuteness!

The sun was shining, I got a washing out (officially old!) and had a wee play around with my ipad mini - which I put all my birthday money towards. It is white. It is PURE DEAD sexy. Then more loveliness... TB's dad dropped off a picnic hamper filled with wine and goodies from him and Mummy TB. It's s wicker and  has it's own crockery! So picnicing is well and truly on the cards this weekend. I then trotted off to work armed with a couple of cakes - a big 3 decorated with peanut M&M's and a smaller skittles rainbow.

Most people on their birthday get a cake made for them but I do love a good bake and was itching to try out my ring tin which I got for Christmas. I also didn't want some crappy shop bought nonsense. I had a really nice time decorating them last night with TB (he was in charge of colour management and spacing) and managed to keep the licking of the icing bowl to a minimum.  With some of the left over cake, cut away from the ring I also made some a Victoria sponge  - with my own jam too (budge over, Nigella). TB took that to work today. I don't mind tooting my own trumpet - my sponge cake is bloody good.

Butter icingHome made strawberry jam


  1. Happy birthday again! I've been catching up on bloggy things! I miss blogger and the stable crew of WL bloggers we had back in the day! Keep it up - you look great! xx

  2. Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday too you

    Happy Birthday dear Lovecat

    Happy birthday to yooouu!!

  3. THAT, my friend, is a cake of beauty.

    Glad you had a lovely day. And those in-laws to be? They sound all kinds of amazing.


  4. Happy belated birthday! You're catching up on me!

    I could really use some of that cake now...


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