Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sold - a step in the right direction

I'm about to scoot off to London for  long weekend with my bezzies and here I am with a raging cold. Gah! I am annoyed! I just blew my nose and my ear made an really horrible popping noise. A really horrible, sore popping noise. I do not want to be getting on a plane like this. Sake!

Aaaaanyway, I didn't meant to bleat on about feeling sorry for myself (okay, maybe just a little bit). This is more about me reporting in on a relatively successful day. It wasn't perfect but it was pretty good. It could have been better but considering my state of mind of late - I'll take it.

I also played badminton doubles for an hour. I can tell you...  my bottom is sore today - from all the lunging! So it's all steps in the right direction. I've no idea what the weekend has in store in terms of temptation but I'm not stressing about it. Once day at a time.

B: Boiled egg & a pink lady apple
S: Nakd bar
L: Baked potato & chilli
S: Thorntons Chocolate, cold meat
D: Turkey steak, roast aubergine, salad
S: Handful pretzels, mini choc ice, mint humbug


  1. Do you count calories at all?

    1. I used to - years ago and I lost about 3 stone doing it. I lost 2 stone last year just eating as cleanly as possible. I maybe should try it again but I'm just not feeling it.


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