Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Weigh in

Pinch punch first of the month.

Pinch an inch? Yank a yard, more like. I know I stuffed myself silly with cheesy crepes for dinner last night, and the rest of that traybake but seeing 13 stone 6.75lbs on the scales this morning still gave me a bit of a shock.

2.5lbs on in one week. I am pissed off with myself. Blah blah blah.

Apart from almost being sick at CrossFit last night (two others actually were) and having to lie down as I was so lightheaded, I am actually pretty fit right now. I can run a 5k in under 35 mins. I can cycle for miles and miles. I can squat 60k. But I am fat. And I am pissed off.  I am  also all over the place with my thoughts.

  • It's the first of a new month - time for a fresh start
  • I'm going camping this weekend, what's the point in starting before then
  • Two weeks of careful eating could make me feel 100 x better
  • I'm going to be living with TB's folks for 3 weeks - how will I cope with that
  • I've got a month left of CrossFit before we move out the city - I should make the most of it
  • I need to exercise more
  • I exercise less and fill in the gaps with food
  • So busy just now. I need time to plan
  • Busy is good - no time to be distracted by food and sitting on my arse

And so it goes on back and forth. Of course, the day has started off well - as it usually does - boiled egg for breakfast. Lunch is a chicken and avocado salad. Dinner - no idea as yet. I have to keep trying though. I'm never going to give up entirely but that doesn't mean I'm going to get  handle on things and actually lose the half a stone (and the rest) that would make me feel SO much better.

Starting Weight: 190.75 pounds
Current Weight: 186.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: + 2.5 pounds
Total 2013 Weight Loss: 1.75 pounds


  1. Avocado - gulp! Whilst most of the fats in avocado are 'good fats' they still contain a huge a mount of calories and 77% of it is fat. You'd be better eating goats cheese than avocado. I love it but I limit my in take to it as a treat as its so calorific.

  2. you can do this, just keep going :)

  3. You can do this - positive thinking! :-)

    Oh, and I do agree with Kate about the avocado. I love it too but try not to have it every day.


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