Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rolling into one

Too busy! I had a week there where I felt like I was getting back on top of it all but here we go again - it's all kicking off once more.

I go away camping as a volunteer youth leader on Thursday, straight from work, until Monday. Work is FULL ON. It's good, I'm enjoying it but gads - too much! Then it's my birthday (have no idea what I'm doing for that apart from enjoying saying tirty tree a lot), then I'm away to London for a long weekend with my best pals who now live there and then we have to move out our flat and live with TB's parents for a few weeks.

Sure, there's a lot of fun things in there but man - it's busy! Even though we're not moving out our flat for another 4 weeks, we still have to pack and clean and all the other nonsense that goes along with it. And just like this weekend, it's great being away but when you come home you have to play catch up. Washing, going to the supermarket, general household crap.

And top of all this I need to try and find time to exercise and to thing about keeping myself gee-ed up diet wise. Which, ain't really happening. CrossFit tonight but since Sunday, kinda eaten what I wanted. Including some traybake thing I made up on Sunday night - biscuit base, coconut layer and then toffee topping. Yeah, it's mindblowingly good.

I wore my jeans last night. Not good. Uncomfortable doesn't begin to cover it. I''ll be wearing them while camping most of this weekend. Dreading it already.

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  1. Ohhhh - biscuity coconutty toffee? That does not sound like the kind of thing that I would be safe around.

    It's hard to fit diet and exercise in when you're so busy, but at least you're keeping mindful.



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