Thursday, 25 April 2013

You have to be joking

Q: What's the fastest cake in the bakery?
A: Scoooooone!

You have to say scone kinda like 'it's gone' - and make the sound of a car.  Not just because of my love of baked goods but because it's so much fun to tell - this is one of my favourite jokes. Feel free to share with the special people in your life. A small treat from me to you. I'm nice like that.

And do you know what else is a massive joke? Sacking off my run last night,  making some apple and cinnamon scones and then eating five (okay six!) of them slathered in butter. Fricking hilarious.


  1. Whoops...those scones certainly weren't fast enough!! Sorry but you have to laugh or you'd cry.

    Put the scones behind you. It was a mistake but it's done. Learn from it and scone no more...

    PS. I missed your "Big Chat" post. What a nice chap he sounds. Looking forward to a proper proposal (fingers crossed) soon. L xxx

  2. Apple and cinnamon scones sound delicious!

    Your joke reminds me of an ex's favourite joke (and it has to be spoken in a Scottish accent so you're ahead on this): Is that a cake or a meringue (am I wrang (wrong)))? Yes, it's not very good is it.



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