Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How I made a run a reality

Two things happened last week that stuck in my mind. Two things that motivated me to get my backside moving and out for a run - the first one in many many months. In fact, maybe this year....

Firstly, the Biggest Loser season 14. As per usual I watched BL avidly but I've only  just got around to watching the finale. I knew Danni was the winner (good one, social media!) and so I was ready to see her looking super trim and buff when she walked on stage. What I was not ready for was how totally different she looked. I've only seen a few minutes of it but I cannot believe my eyes.

She looks like a different person. the pic below on the left was her at makeover week. She looks hot, right? I though to myself, "She looks great. She can't have that much more to lose." But look at her - she seem to have lost about a stone from her face alone!

It just got me thinking.... It's easy to reason away anything you like. While I look and feel okay just now, I know I could do so much better. I can make excuses and continue to flounder about the same few pounds or I can actually face the truth that I need to try harder.

The other thing that happened was CrossFit. The only exercise I've been doing since Feb is CrossFit. That, and cycling  - as a means of transport. I've not run for ages. Until last week. Part of the WOD was a 1km run and oh boy, I was really dreading it. Somehow I managed to plod the entire way without stopping and spurred on by this, the though of going out for a run over the weekend stayed with me.

And I did it. On Saturday lunchtime I set off on a route I've done many a time. A route that is almost 5km. A route that I managed to complete without stopping, in 32 minutes. I cannot tell you how good I felt afterwards. I was so fricking chuffed with myself. I also FELT good. I mean, my legs felt firmer. One run is not going to change my shape and I know it's all in the mind but I just felt a bit more body confident. And still do!

CrossFit twice a week is all good and well but I need to do more. A half hour run once a week is that more. I am totally able. It's not going to disrupt my life. It will make me feel better. It will make me look better. Sometimes it's so bloody obvious, I could kick myself.

ETA:  I also promised the bloody wonderful Shauna on twitter I'd go. Can't say no to that wee honey.

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  1. Good for you getting back on the . . . er, running horse??? ;-)

    I just blogged about my first attempt at CrossFit tonight. I liked it but unfortunately I can't afford to do it regularly right now.


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