Thursday, 11 April 2013

Only an excuse

I am cream crackered.

I've had a major project on for a client which has been FULL ON this past two weeks. Work in all areas is choc-a-block to be honest but this one project has been a biggie. It's almost done though so I can finally get around to catching up with everything else.

The house hunting thing has also been pretty exhausting. Regardless if this house we have seen turns out to be a go-er, we are going to have to find a stop gap between the flat we are currently renting and the next place, thank to the landlord deciding he wants the place back at the end of May. So we're facing two rounds of packing/moving. And it's not just us - it's the cat too! God know what we're going to do with him. I'm not thinking about it just now. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Both sets of parents came to see the house last night. They like it too. It's a big undertaking - a lot needs done to it - new kitchen, bathroom, dry rot, every room needs decorating... and don't forget, we've got very little furniture to take with us. But it's us. We don't want a new build house that's ready to walk in to. We like different and we want something we can make our own.

I'm going to stop going on about it as it might not happen and I will have well and truly jinxed it. 

In other news (and when I say other news, I mean the size of my arse news)... things are just not going well. There are 100 reasons why I can't seem to find the focus but if I was truly feeling it then none of them would matter. As it stands, life is mental just now and I only need a sniff of an excuse before I fall face first into some chocolate (or pizza as it was last night). However,  I'm not going to give myself a hard time about regularly falling off the waggon. Shit happens.

You've gotta keep trying though. It's almost 5pm and today has been a good day. Boiled egg for brekkie, tomato soup and some mackerel for lunch, skinny latte this afternoon. I'm planning an aubergine and chicken curry thing for tea. I might even attempt a run this weekend. 


  1. I always think you need quite a lot of emotional spare capacity for successful dieting - sounds like you're pretty chokka at the moment.

    Good luck!


  2. I've bern there. Too much on your plate to focus on your weight. Concetrate on not losing the plot and then tread water until you're ready to push again.

    Good luck with the house, it sounds great.

    Lesley x


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