Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I'll huff and I'll puff...

I feel like an absolute shitload has happened since I last blogged. In reality it's just one big thing. One big thing with walls, a roof, a garden and a garage.

It's not quite happened but it looks like we might be heading down the road that leads to buying a house. A very big house. A house with four bedrooms, a garage and a big garden. Waaaaaaaaa!

We're off for a second viewing tonight and this time we are taking both sets of parents. Six fully grown adults traipsing about the place might be a bit much but this is a big decision and our parents' opinion is important to us. I also think it's pretty cool that my folks are coming as it's a two hour drive there and the same back again for them. Not exactly a quick jaunt on a week night but they just take it in their stride. Rock on mum and dad.

PS) Eating like a piggy. Ooops.

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  1. Fabulous news! Hope everything works out.



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