Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pink, to make the boys wink

This is a very flattering pic and I am standing at the camera perfect angle... but I was feeling pretty good in this outfit.

Bought on a whim when I had to return something and had to spend some credit, I picked up this pink number, complete with bird pattern. I popped on some dark purple tights and Bob's yer aunty's husband.

I must also apologise for the mess surrounding my mirror.  Since we have to move in five weeks, I'm sorta past the point of caring about dusting and such dullness.

Off to CrossFit again tonight even though my hip flexors are pretty ouchey after Tuesday's burpee box jumps. Oh yeah, do a burpee and the jump on a fricking box - about 45 times.

Aww, crap... it's just started raining. When you have to cycle two miles to the gym and it's also blowing a hooley, it's not a good combo. A hellish one. It's actually quite dangerous. Hmmm... time to get changed and suck it and see.

pink dress


  1. Phwoee phwooo....(that's my best cyber attempt at a wolf whistle)!

    Looking foxy LC. Keep it up.

    Lesley xx

  2. Nice dress! You look fab.

    I'm trying a crossfit class on Tues and I'm terrified!

  3. Just coming out of lurkdom (I pop over from Lesley's blog from time to time) - and not liking this to sound odd at all - but you look great in that dress, and you have got cracking legs! Keep up the good work!


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