Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Stars in my eyes

I feel like the boy who cried wolf. I'm the girl who cried 'diet starts today'.

But guess what - it's today, again.

The weekend was a washout, both in terms of the weather and also the amount of crap I managed shove in my face.I felt fat all weekend. Uncomfortable. Frustrated. When I go away camping I always think back and the main thing I remember is how I felt about my weight. This weekend, not good. Last summer, amazing.  A year ago, not good. And it affects the whole thing. 

Last night, amid the dirty clothes, waterproof jackets and rucksacks, TB told me that he wants to start eating healthily. No more big portions, no more treats and snacks. He's not happy with how he looks at the moment and wants to lose some weight. That makes two of us.

So here we are... starting out once more. I feel like I have begun this cycle so many times this year. More than any other. Even when I have had weeks of eating well, I've not had results. So what am I going to do differently this time? What do I need to do?

I think I've confused myself and allowed things into my diet that perhaps shouldn't be there because I've had one eye on paleo. There are loads of good things about paleo eating but I feel like, for me - if I don't do it 100% then it's not going to work. And being completely honest, I am never going to do it 100%.

I don't calorie count because I know what works for me. But it's been a long time since something has actually worked for me. So assuming that I know what I can eat, isn't working. I need to go back to basics. A perfect example took place when I bought lunch today. Already clutching a basic salad bowl and a red pepper I was perusing the fish aisle for some protein for my salad. Just before grabbing some honey roast mackerel and hot footing it to the till, I looked at the numbers. 150 cals for one small sliver. I put it back and instead took a packet of ham - 115 cals for the whole lot.

That, my friends is how it is going to be for a while. I need to really think about what I am eating. It's that simple. And if I needed anymore encouragement... it's all in the stars.



  1. I'm firmly in the "me too" camp. I too am starting yet again, again, again....

    You're right, it's back to basics and reminding ourselves not to let the bad habits which crept in stay in. They don't work so why do we still do them??

    All the best and stay on that straight and narrow. At least with TB trying too you will have company and blokes are so much better at avoiding temptation than us in general.

    Lesley xx

    1. We've been at this a long time, Lesley. We both know we can do it though. Onwards! x

  2. Hey, at least you're persevering! Better that than to give up completely!

    I've found that I stick to diets the best when someone tells me EXACTLY what to eat (like the Revolt thing I'm doing at the moment). If I'm left to my own devices, the temptation of chocolate is just too much.

    Also, track your measurements! I'd be disheartened this week (+.4lb) if I hadn't ended up losing inches all over. I've always looked down my nose at people who scream about tracking measurements, but seriously, it works!

    Good luck on your new start, you'll do it! :)


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