Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Are you sitting comfortably?

In two hours time I'm meeting TB at the solicitors to sign the paperwork for our house. Oh Lordy. OUR house.

All of a sudden, this got real. One moment you're talking about buying a place together and then you're looking at houses. It feels like we've blinked and here we are... entering into something which is a big, massive deal.

I always knew this was a significant step but now that we're on the edge - about to to actually do it.... Gaaaaah! I feel slightly hysterical. My arms are a wobbly, I feel like I could laugh or cry at the drop of a hat, and I feel a bit breathless.

The documents came through the other day, outlining the joint purchase, that we're signing this morning. This is a big fricking deal. This isn't something that's a whim or a notion. To see it actually written down in black and white really make this all real.

I am excited though. This is a whole new chapter and I cannot wait to get stuck in.


  1. So exciting - congratulations to you both. And I for one can't wait to hear what happens in the next chapter!


  2. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Enjoy, enjoy! xxox

  3. It was a great idea and it still is!! You will LOVE living in your own place, that first house together is a special thing.

    All the best for the move.

    Lesley xx

  4. It IS exciting - congratulations!


  5. And congratulations from me too.


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