Monday, 17 June 2013

Weigh Hay!

Howdy doody peeps.

I thought I'd update on how the non scale healthy living is going.  The answer is, I don't really know.

I feel like I'm making a lot of good choices and I've been out running (5.2km on Friday) but I know I need to make the best choices I can, all of the time. And I need to move more. It's proving tricky to fit in more than 1 or two sessions a week.

I bought a size 14 Primark dress about two weeks ago and it was a bit tight around the tummy. I wore it on Saturday and it was definitely a  better fit - so there is some progress but it's a very small amount. Not really helped by Sunday Pimms on the lawn (yes, that really happened) at TB's and attacking the crisps and pretzels on offer.

The house move is just about confirmed for the 27th and so it's just over a week until I get my scales out of hibernation. I toyed with the idea of weighing myself on TB's mum's scales - purely so I could weigh myself again while I was there and know if I'd lost weight. However, I've decided against that. I'm going to get my head down and do my best without them.

I'm not sure when I will actually get ON the scales once they are unpacked... The cooker in the new house has actually been professionally disconnected because of a gas leak! Somehow, I think a take-away will be on the cards the night we move in and so I'll not be gracing them the next morning -that's for sure.

Right, must dash - off for a hair cut. That's gotta be a few ounces at least, right?!

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