Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Healthy (eating) competition

I totally owned my chimp last night.

As explained by the lovely Lesley, your chimp is that voice inside you that always tries to derail your efforts to look after yourself. Especially when it comes to putting yourself out of your comfort zone.

Earlier in the day I decided I was going to head out for a run after tea. Once I'd scoffed down some lovely hot smoked salmon, potatoes and asparagus I pottered around for an hour letting it go down. And then I reclined on the bed faffing about on my ipad. Mistake. I almost fell asleep. Not exactly ideal pre-run conditions.

Over the next ten minutes my chimp and I decided I was going for a run/not going for a run about 16 times.  What a wee madame. Eventually we made a deal. The evening was rather cool and running in just a t-shirt wasn't enough. "If I can find my long sleeved running top, then I will definitely go." I approached the chest of drawers. I chose which drawer I was going to look in first. I opened it. Right at the top? My running top of course. So off I went - and it was a really good run.

I just got lost in all manner of thoughts and off I went, knocking over a minute off my time. Pow pow!

I tells ya, regular exercise makes me feel so much better and inclined to eat healthier. Why don't I just make sure I do it all the time? WHY?

In other news, mum is back from her hollibobs and is full steam ahead with the diet. She's already lost a few pounds and is currently 13stone 1lbs. As I've mentioned before I have no idea what the scales are up to at the moment but... if I was to hazard a guess, I'd go for the early 13stone arena. You know what this means, I have a change to get ahead (below) my mum for once. And even if don't get ahead of her, I don't want to be left behind! So... let the healthy eating games, BEGIN.


  1. I love Lesley's chimp analogy! Mine is a right evil cow-chimp - well done on owning yours :-)


  2. I'm so glad you're getting one over her. I'm letting mine get away with far too much at the mo but we're both going for a run first thing tomorrow morning whether she likes it or not!! L xx


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