Monday, 3 June 2013

Town Mouse & Country Mouse

I have SO much to tell.

There are 1001 posts in me right now about all manner of things and one really big thing. I've been holding off saying anything until things were a little more secure but what the hell - I cannot wait a moment longer.... TB and I have bought a house! Waaaaaaaaaaa and haaaaaaaa!

There is SO much more to this tale about where it is, how amazing the house is but here are the headlines:

  • It's an old house, has four bedrooms, a basement and a pretty big garden
  • It's out of the city - we are moving to a town on the coast
Okay, so we've not actually bought the house yet. This has been dragging on since April as the house sale isn't exactly straightforward  because there is a lot of work that needs done to the place but we're just weeks away from getting the keys.

And in the meantime we've had to move out of our flat, so we've shifted all our stuff (including a big couch, dining table and brand new bed) to TB's parents and are staying there for a few weeks until we get our place. So it's been a little but busy - if you know what I mean!

So yeah, I've waved goodbye to city centre living which makes my periodically break out in a cold sweat. Then I realise I'm going to be living here....


  1. Oh you have sooooo done the right thing. It sounds heavenly. 4 beds and a garden. We're just about to start on the whole house buying thing ourselves. It's exciting isnt it?

    Good luck with it all hon. Lesley xx

  2. So exciting! Hope it all goes relatively smoothly and can't wait for more details!


  3. Congratulations!!
    Bron x


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