Monday, 10 June 2013

Homeless holiday camp

I started writing this post on Thursday of last week and didn't quite get round top posting it up... so here we go now.

I'm not exactly living in a cardboard box right now but I am sorta homeless.

It's only for a few weeks though and TB's folks are so bloody lovely that it's really nice staying with them. They could not be more welcoming and didn't bat an eyelid last night or the night before when I took over their kitchen to make 5 cakes and some cupcakes (I seem to have made a rod for my own back as office birthday cake baker).

What is a bit of a bitch is the 5.30am alarm call. Yup, I am up and out of bed at 5.30 in the fricking AM. Oh lordy. TB's dad leaves the house at 6.10am to drive the hour to the city where we both work and so off I go at the crack of dawn with him - at my desk for 7.20am. This shit is happening people  - but you know what, I actually quite like being up early. Those first few moments when I emerge from my bed bleary eyed, like a new born mouse, are not so much fun but there is something about being up and about before the rest of the world that I love. Although, I'm working from home tomorrow and ha HA - there ain't no way I'll be up and at em before 8.30.

So let's bring this back, people. Let's bring it back to the size of my arse. It's big - we ALL know that, but how big? I don't really know - for sure. I reckon I'm about half a stone off feeling MUCH better about myself. Now the reason I don't know for sure (apart from avoiding the most judgy of all clothing items, jeans) is that I've packed away my scales.

Yup, I made the conscious decision to pack my scales in a box that I won't see for three weeks  - at best. That's three weeks without knowing what I weigh. This is a big deal for me. Massive. The only time I don't get on those scales with weekly regularity is when I am head first in a packet of biscuits - and at the moment I'm not.

You see, this is all part of a plan. For the time I'm staying at TB's folk's, I'm trying to eat as healthily as possible, be active, make smart choices and at the end of it I'm going to see how I feel, and what I weigh. I know some people will say the number doesn't really matter and for me it's not so much the number but knowing that the number is going downwards.

And so far it's being going really well - especially considering I'm not really in control of the menu at home. There been a lot of barbeques and salads and very little snacking. The only problem has been cake. I've made two big birthday cakes this week for office people (seem to have made a rod for my own back) and I've had a slice of both of them, and picked at the butter icing a bit. In the main - good, very good especially considering we've been out cycling and playing Frisbee in the garden. Just generally being more active. And I like it.

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  1. Eurgh early mornings. Hate 'em with a passion.

    That aside, lovely positive post - and I hope all those good choices are suitably rewarded when the scales come out of exile.



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