Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Slap a smile on it

Turn that frown.....
  • Tired. Have I mentioned how early I'm getting up?! 
  • I miss my mum. I've not seen her for 7 weeks - and she's been on holiday for two of them so I've not even spoken to her for almost a fortnight. This is the longest we've not seen each other for ages and I miss her!
  • A friend seven years younger than me just got engaged. I'm on the cusp of having my bimonthly meltdown.
  • Looks like the date for moving into our new house might slip by a week.
  • Feel just as fat as always.
  • A friend is pregnant with her second kid. People are onto their second and third babies! I'm not even close to one...
  • I miss my pussycat (who is boarding in the cattery).

Upside down...
  • I felt like my legs looked a little more toned when I saw my reflection in a shop window today.
  • TB and I will be moving into our very own home in no more than two weeks time.
  • I'm seeing my mum on Saturday for some quality time.
  • The sun has come out today and I'm going to make sure I get some time outside this evening
  • I'll get home and my tea will be ready -thank you Mummy TB

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh, I'm so jealous of that house move. I have to wait for mine.....whine....

    Well done for looking for and at the positives, they are far more important.

    Lesley xx


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