Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Before and after

Another busy weekend - and finally, we have finished the living room! Horay!

There are a few things we still need to do (paint and attach the mantelpiece, varnish the window frame, get a mirror up above the mantelpiece as well as pics on the walls and finish placing ornaments and stacking books) but we are moved in and I love it!

You can see how it looked when we went to view it and now that it's been brought ever so slightly up to date! I can't quite seem to get my pic taken from as far back an angle as the top pic, but you get the idea.

I feel the pics don't quite reflect the hours and hours of work this one room took. You don't see the two undercoats, the hands and knees grinding of paint stance, the sanding of every inch of paintwork (and there was a lot of paintwork - check the skirtings!).  The window and fire are also new. Let's not even being to think about how much money we're spending on the house overall.

It's been another good week diet and exercise wise... spinning on Thursday, 8km run on Friday and bodypump yesterday. However, there have been a couple of slips that have snuck in. Firstly,  I made a couple of traybakes on Sunday for TB's charity coffee morning at work and I ended up eating a slice of 'sticky stuff' (basically my very naughty version of Rice Krispy Squares) as well as picking at tablet and a few maltesers. Ooops.

Last night I sat on the couch all night  and also ate some crisps - a double hit of no movement and extra calories. Tsk tsk. I've got to get my head screwed on straight as I've got a black tie dinner tonight where I'll need to turn down the wine as much as possible and flat out refuse the pudding. Weigh in looms!

Peridot asked me what I'm doing foodwise. I'm not one for counting points, calories or... well, anything really. I'm just trying to avoid anything unhealthy or processed. A typical day is:

B: Melon and yogurt or porridge with honey
S: clementine or two
L: Homemade soup i.e. spicy pumpkin and chicken or butternut squash with chilli (no bread)
S: clementine or two - if anything
D: chilli and sweet potato or healthy fish pie, low fat choc yogurt

Other than that I might snack on some cold meat and a couple of boiled sweets. That's about it really. I'm also really trying to watch the portions. My meals are all made from scratch and I do try and make them as low fat as possible but that's usually me just adapting them to have more veg/less oil etc. Hope this helps!

I'm missing my usual Tuesday night swim tonight so I'm off for a stomp around the streets in my lunch-hour.

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  1. Noice! Those ceilings look bloody high so I can imagine the hours of graft! I once helped a friend strip wallpaper from a room of a similar size/era and it was a fantastic workout in hindsight. Bravo! Hehe :)


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