Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Chubby fingers crossed

Weigh day again tomorrow. It seems to have come round again so quickly.

I've done all my usual workouts and so I feel confident that I worked hard on that front. In fact, I forgot to mention just how hard I worked on my Friday run. 7.5km without stopping! And at a good pace too! I really am surprising myself with the old running malarkey. The first km or so and the last km always seem to the be the hardest but I feel quite determined on each run I go  - so there is no half measures.I know I'm working hard at spinning as last week I was almost sick. Nice.

The only thing that has let me down was the Saturday night boozing. There is the booze I drank and there is also the effect it will have had on my body. What that was, who knows. Tomorrow is a really early weigh in as I'm away on a training course so at 5.30 IN THE AM (ugh) I will be hopping on the scales. A loss. That's all I want - just a loss.

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