Thursday, 19 December 2013

Weigh in

Half a pound off. I feel that's fair.

I had a big loss last week and I have definitely struggled a little over the past few days.  So when I saw 12 stone 6.25lbs flash up this morning, I was pleased there was a loss at all! Sometimes when I lose a good few pounds in one week I don't really believe it till the following week - so to see 12 stone 6 was still brilliant. Feels great!

What also felt great, but also a little embarrassing, was the size 14 coast dress I wore to a black tie do on Tuesday (where I had a little wine and ate half the pudding). I wore this dress when I was a bridesmaid in October 2011. I originally bought a size 16 but soon realised the 14 was the better fit, which felt so good. A size 14 dress from Coast? Get in! But it now looks like the 14 is too big! It's strapless and kept slipping down and I had to do that thing where you are continually pulling it up. Classy. But who cares! I was flipping delighted!

Reflected buy the midweek wine and ice cream consumption, the festive munchies are definitely starting to creep in and when hanging lindt balls from the tree (oh yeah, we like to go all out with our edible decs!) it would have been so easy to scoff a couple but I really want to give these last six days before weigh in, and indeed Christmas Day, a big push. I would bloody love to see 12 stone 5.75lbs - or less, next week. It would be a Christmas miracle!

In the last week I've been to spinning, run 5 miles and been to bodypump. This week the plan is spinning today, a 5 mile run tomorrow and on Christmas Eve too. Even if I was to stay the same next week, I'll have not have gone bonkers and started stuffing my face - kicking off a possible fortnight of festive face filling.

Starting Weight: 14 stone 0.25lbs
Current Weight: 12 stone 6.25lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 0.5lb
Total 2013 Weight Loss: 1stone 8lbs


  1. You're doing fantastically well. Hurrah! Will keep my fingers crossed for your Christmas miracle :-)


  2. A 12 in Coast is skinny-minnie territory indeed - well done you!


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