Thursday, 12 December 2013

Weigh in

Last week's half pound was most definitely a red herring... because this morning I'm 2.75lbs lighter! Boooo YA!

I can't actually believe it. Almost three pounds off. That means I saw 12stone 6.75lbs on the scales. What?! WHAT?! I honestly have no idea when I last saw that number. I don't know if I have ever actually seen it. I was about 11 stone at school and then I really had very little to do with the scales until they had jumped up quite a bit past 12 stone 6.  So exciting!

I have worked for it though - a 7km run and an 8km run as well as swimming (which I dragged my mum to when she was visiting). And the eating has been stellar. STELLAR!

Speaking of my Mum, she is doing really well too and we've agreed that we're going to keep the focus for as long as possible - and our last weigh in before Christmas will be... Christmas Day. Why not? TB and I are hosting Christmas and I see no reason to dive head first into a selection box before then. If I eat and drink like a merry old thing for the best part of a week untold damage could be done and with the wedding inching every closer, I don't have time to gain and re-lose half a stone.  I can't believe I am about to say this... 11stones, I'm coming to getcha!

Starting Weight: 14 stone 0.25lbs
Current Weight: 12 stone 6.75lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 2.75lb
Total 2013 Weight Loss: 1stone 7.5lbs

Am I smaller or the boys bigger? ;)


  1. That is absolutely fantastic - well done you! Brilliant! And keeping the focus going all the way until Christmas Day, that is true dedication. I must admit, my last meeting is next Wednesday and I think I am going to struggle to stay on track after that but you have inspired me - there is no reason it can't be done.


  2. You're absolutely amazing and I feel very proud of you. And you sound SO happy. (weeps a little, sentimentally)

    What are you doing food-wise or is it mainly all the exercise?



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