Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Times they are a changing

Another super busy weekend but one that was good fun and dieting wise, could have been a lot worse.

Friday night was a healthy night at my folk's and in bed for 11pm. Lovely. Saturday morning Mum and I baked side by side as we prepared for my nephew's first birthday party. I made cheese straws and caramel pie. The pie might look the biz but it was the cheese straws that got the rave reviews.

At the party I ate quite well from the buffet (i.e. healthily) but then I did have a small slice of the pie and a small meringue with cream. Not great at all. However, I ate was nothing else after that until 9pm when I had some stovies at the ceilidh we were at (could I be any more Scottish?).

Sunday was a pretty lazy day as we were both pretty hungover but we did manage to clear a load of boxes from our front room and took them to the tip, and we finally hung a gorgeous piece of artwork we got as a wedding present.

TB loves a subway when he's feeling worse for wear but while he got in about a foot long number I had some soup with some brown bread and cold meat. I also made a delicious, healthy, thai noodle bowl for dinner. In your face takeway. Yeah, sure there was a little bit of chocolate consumption too but I also made banana ice cream  - from nowt but.... bananas!

The upshot of all this is that there is a much more positive frame of mind in action here. This has carried me into the week with a swift kick up the arse. There was a PT session and also the healthiest, most moderate day I can remember in a long LONG time. 

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  1. Go you!! Sounds brilliant. Wish I was there, you know, doing the stuff!! Will be soon. L xx


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