Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I love...

  • This song. I love Adele's voice and this song is just haunting. Cannot stop listening. If you're emotional at all chances are you will cry. You have been warned!
  •  Double glazing. I live in an old flat and it is so so cold. I sit next to the window a lot and cold just permeates the glass. Work is going really well and December looks like it's going to be a bumper month and so I've decided to get double glazing. I've got a lovely coloured front door that I'm sad to be losing but it'll be worth it for the warmth of white plastic.
  • Weddings. My best friend from school is getting married on Friday. I've got my outfit sorted (just need a massive silver flower for my hair) and TB will be with me as we wish them all the luck and love in the world. Lots of my friends will be there and my bother and his wife so I'm really looking forward to it.
  • Legs. I am most certainly not a fan of my legs but over the years my running perseverance has paid off and although they are not skinny by any manner of means and I am a stone heavier than my lightest weight ever, they are shapely and a far cry from the podgy sausages they once were. Feels good to be able to wear skirts and dresses that I once would have balked at.
  • My Granny. She is amazing. I was stuck for shoes for my wedding outfit and then remembered these bad boys she gave me a couple of years ago. They are about 30 years old and she used to wear them when she went on cruises. Love it. Love her.


  1. OMG - just love Granny's shoes - she sounds like my kind of lady! Zxx

  2. OOH YES quality shoes! I am sad for the demise of your door (tis the only way I managed not to confuse your street with the next one over) but glad you will be toasty :) And hooray for skirts!


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