Saturday, 15 January 2011

Fat is Fun!

The problem with dieting – correction one of the problems with dieting is that it’s no fun. My friend and I have an ongoing joke about how everything in life has to be fun. 
  •  How did your date go last night? Was he fun?
  • Did you enjoy New Year? Yes, it was fun 
  • That’s a great outfit. Really fun.
You get the gist. But I’ll tell you what’s not fitting with fun... dieting! Don’t get me wrong there is an element of enjoyment that comes with dieting; self satisfaction, achievement, goal meeting and so so on but it’s not exactly the stuff that wild weekends are made of.

I like to think I am fun and spontaneous and enjoy new things. Dieting does not allow for a whole lotta these things and to tell you the truth it makes me feel a bit boring. I can cope with this for the most part but when in a new relationship the last thing I want to be is the no person. You know... The one that says no to takeaway, the one that doesn’t want a beer or wine, the one that turns down a surprise roll and bacon that’s been made for them.

No matter how you dress it up, dieting is DULL. Have you tried going to a festival and dieting? What about dinner at a friend’s? Everyone else is shitfaced on wine and Goldschlager and wine and you are driving (that was last night for me). 

Okay, let’s turn down the melodrama for a moment. I can do it. I have done it. If dieting was easy then I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s just blows especially hard when you want to be the fun girlfriend and from time to time you sound like a clichéd bird. The phrase skinny latte makes me want to throw scalding hot milk in my own face.  I am not that kind of girl. I love a latte but ordering a skinny latte and being the person that talks about dieting with her ‘gal pals’ is not me. Yeah, I bang on about it on my blog but that’s one of the reason this thing exists – to provide me with an outlet for it. I don’t really like talking about it in the real world (apart from to me mum).

So what point am I trying to make here? Well, it’s just that I find it doubly hard to stick to my diet when with TB. He loves food and eating all the things that are wrong for you. I love those things too! But I need to start making some decisions that are going to benefit me in the long run.  I’m sure he wouldn’t complain if I was thinner and it’s what I want. If I really want it then it making some sacrifices  is how it has to be. Onwards and downwards!


  1. SO TRUE! I even bore myself - dieting absolutely kills spontaneity and all kinds of fun (although do skinny peoples' idea of fun revolve around food quite as much as mine? Discuss...) I keep telling myself that being painfully self-conscious because of elephantine size also kills quite a lot of fun. If I could have one wish granted, it would be to eat whatever I liked and be slim (healthy be damned!).

    Good luck with combining fun and dieting this weekend!


  2. The best success I've ever had at 'dieting' was to not think about it that way. To treat it as a new way of eating and living. I don't deprive myself, I still eat all of the things I like but just in small amounts and with plenty of exercise :) I buy samples of chocolate, so only small squares to eat. I get a roll or two of bread so I don't eat an entire loaf. I get an hour of walking in every day by using public transportation. Just the little things that add up.

    I share this to help you with what worked for me. If I felt deprived, I'd shortly give up and stuff my face. Who wants to live life feeling boring and no fun??? Give yourself nights off every once in a while, have one small glass of wine or a full fat latte as a celebration. It really helps your state of mind. Trust me :)

  3. I moan about this all the time. I'v been at it now for nearly six months, and with the weather is this horrible I want to do is curl up with chocolate and a dvd, and not eat my salad and treck to the gym. I'm lucky that I'v been in a relationship for five years, and he is relatively supportive- mostly because he want to lose weight too. The thing is I was at least a stone and a half lighter when we first met, and so I want to at least get back to there.
    I don't really talk about weight loss IRL either, except for my sister who does it with me, and my boyfriend, which is why I wonder sometimes if I bore him too much with my ramblings! I also shudder at thought of talking weight with my girl pals- just seems so cliche doesn't it? I think after years of listening to my mum and her friends drone on about it, I try and keep stum!

  4. I know exactly what you mean! and the new bf thing too. I love cooking for Rich and I and going into town for beers and loads of other stuff. so how to suddenly start cutting that out. Well I don't I try and cut back elsewhere and do plenty of exercise and, on the fun stuff, just take smaller portions and cut out what I'm not that bothered about.

    It seems to be working but might be a bit slow for your purposes...

    I suspect that TB would not be remotely bothered were you to say no to stuff. from what you said about his reaction to you being on a diet, he is cool with whtever you want to do. and I think blokes tend to be less worried about these things anyway. So, you're on a diet. Okay, so what??!

    You stick to your guns and think about you really want. But, if you do want a blowout once in a while, don't worry about it either. slow and steady is the best way...

    Lesley xx

  5. I definitely feel like my social life gets in the way of dieting and vice versa. I also feel like the second I make a decision to be healthy, suddenly I get about 20 invitations to go for drinks, dinner, etc. It's frustrating because I can't say no to them!


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