Friday, 14 January 2011

Weigh In

Thank Crunchie it's Friday. Been a really busy week and this exercising malarkey has totally knackered me!

As planned I weighed in this morning. I hoped for a small loss and I got it- 1.25lbs off. I'm feeling neither up nor down about it as I pretty much expected and it's not enough to notice it physically. So the plan is onwards for a stonking week and nice solid loss of a couple of pounds.

For the first time in ages my mum and I are roughly the same weight, give or take a few pounds (she is 3" smaller than me as well), and so I'm determined not to let her to speed off into the 13's and then the 12's without me. I also seem to be in sync with the lovey Lesley over at Live to Slim and once she gets going there is no stopping her so that's another one I need to keep up with!

I went out for my second outdoors run last night. Once I get going I surprise myself at how much I enjoy it. My 5km time is sitting at 37 mins. I felt that I really pushed myself to get that but I know I can do better (best ever was on the treadmill and was 32 mins). It's just a case of building up and not lugging an extra stone on the journey with me! Legs are aching today and it was painful to hold them up when I was getting my Brazilian today!

Now that I'm back into the running it's time to brave the January gym. Ugh. Cannot stand the gym in Jan. People generally get on my nerves but in a packed gym environment where my personal space is being invaded and people are talking too loudly then I am likely to want to punch you in the puss. Won't, but would like to. This is where I need to take control of my schedule and go during the day. I work for myself, from home which is but 5 mins from the gym so there is no excuse for not going to a lunchtime class.

Things that are challenging diet wise this week are:
  • Dinner and wine at a friend's house tonight
  • Off to TB's tomorrow morning till Monday morning. That's a whole post in itself.
  • 6 day week as weighing on Thursday next week - off to TB that avo.
Righto peeps. Have a great weekend wherever you are and thoughts going out to those in Oz. x


  1. Yay! I think any weight loss is enough to celebrate. Better than nothing frankly ;) And kudos for the running too. I think it's surprising how fast you can shave off minutes if you keep with it. Yay for you for doing it! :)

  2. I agree with the commentor above, you have to celebrate every loss! Each pound, is a pound you will hopefully never see again! I think that if you don't celebrate them all yo are likely to get fed up, think 'whats the point?' and fall off plan. A downwards trend is what we want :)

  3. Congrats on your weight loss, I've been on a weight loss programme for nearly 2 weeks now. Lost 4.5 pounds in the first week but this week definitely wont be as good because I've got a big night out planned! I want to start running and going to the gym but I've been so lazy about it all but I'm going to try start jogging next week. I'd really like to do the Race 4 Life this year =)

    Hannah xx


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