Monday, 17 January 2011

The Local

What's a bathroom without disco
The week that was. Work and diet.
How much do I want this wallpaper?

Sunday avo walk
TB's shadow in the low winter sun

Yes, I have a mirrorball in my bathroom. Makes brushing your teeth a whole new experience. I might have had a small mishap in the shape of me hitting it with my arm while peeling off my running kit the other night and have had to do some supergluing action. I love superglue. The things I've fixed with it over the years.

As you know it's been a full on diet week, and work has been pretty intense too. Diet over the weekend was maybe... 7/10. Pretty happy with that. Turned down pudding twice (one of which was sticky toffee!), turned down cheesy garlic bread and also had  small portion of pasta with a big salad instead of all pasta. Drank a lot and also had a fair few chocs which wasn't so good but overall - def made the right choices so feeling quite pleased with myself. Got three stonking days coming up. before weigh day.

Went out for lunch on Sunday to a beautiful place with the most incredible wall paper. I love the old silver screen goddesses. Glamour, mystery, killer one lines - and curves. My kinda ladies.

TB and I went for a walk along the beach on Sunday. The sun was low in the sky and we wandered along in the blustery wind admiring the view. Once the wholesome activities were complete we then went to TB's local. We've never been in before as it looks rough as. We were not disappointed. 

Sunday afternoon is karaoke and all the regulars were there. Most of them are total alcoholics and some were most definitely not the full shilling. The karaoke compere is a short man in his early 60s and is as camp as a row of pink tents. After belting out Cabaret he looks over at me and says "So I think you can guess my other job now." Amazing. Despite the fact most people are either socially inept, have no teeth, can barely stand up and are spoiling for a fight, they are all pretty good singers! Loved it. So much fun. 

Counting down the days till we go back this weekend coming!


  1. You've just pointed out a major flaw in most bathrooms - no disco balls!

    I once got in a taxi that had one as well as flashing lights and cheesy music. The driver called himself Disco Dave funnily enough. Best ride I've ever had!

    Rapunzel x
    *Tales from the Tower*

  2. Meant to comment on the disco ball when I was there - I think it's brilliant - and I felt so smug like when I could think - yes well I've seen that in the flesh so to speak!! Love the pic of TB's shadow - very artistic - did you take that with your Iphone? I need some serious lessons on photography with my Iphone - maybe I'll just stick to my camera. Can just imagine the karaoke - it would have been so much fun. Take care sweet pea Zxx

  3. Rapunzel - I had a driver like that once in Glasgow. I think he was possibly on day release.

    Glad you are home safe and sound Zanna. The Disco Ball is in one piece now but still to be hung up. Maybe tonight's job. I'd love to take credit for the arty pics but I just use the Hipstamatic app on my iphone - the shadow was a total accident! x


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