Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A galaxy of pain

I would consider myself a Bodypump aficionado. I've been going on and off for around nine years. When I've been going regularly I'm lifting some heavy weights, my form is spot on and I really enjoy it. Good grief that sounds smug. Well, read on for a serious lack of smug face.

I went along to a class on Monday evening- about three months since my last appearance. I tried to think back to my old weights and used roughly the same - just as wee bit lighter. I was doing pretty well and was pleased that I managed to pick up roughly where I left off. Until.... the back track. this was about a third of the way through the class. I couldn't remember what weight I used and somehow managed to fire on more than I have ever lifted for that track. I thought it looked a bit heavy and then I picked it up. Dear God. It weighed a tonne. Just as I'm thinking to myself: 'You've clearly made a mistake here missy, get those weights off quick smart', the music starts up and the instructor who has me directly in her eye line clocks my bar and says: "Oooh, that's a brave weight."

Ha! No- it's not brave at all. Foolish! It's truly foolish! As I struggle under its gargantuan weight I cry: "No, no! It's too much. It was a mistake... A mistake, I tell you.' Alright, I might have added on the last bit there but mistake, mistake, mistake was echoing around my brain as the instructor replied: "No, no - on you go."

WHAT? The sadist was egging me on! By this point everyone in the class has turned to see if I was lifting a baby elephant. Well, it bloody well felt like it. There was no going back now and before I knew I was deadlifting and rowing and cleaning and jerking. It was hell. Pure hell.

Everything was burning and I was actually a bit worried about dropping it. I have no idea how I made it through the whole track. But made it I did. The rest of the class was a blur. I was broken. I have never had to stop early during the lunge track but there was nothing left in my tank. I was spent.

It's now late on Wednesday night. I'm still in agony. Getting undressed and brushing my hair are mammoth challenges. However, I did manage to crack out a 5km run today. Ha! In your face bodypump.


  1. That's pretty impressive. I love a bit of body pump....I'm back to the gym next week after a while off and it's the first class I'm going for. I use tiny weights though!

  2. Blimey - are you superwoman?! Wow!



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