Thursday, 6 January 2011

The year that was

Happy New Year!

Yes, I may almost be a week late. Yes, I may not have posted a recap of 2010, Yes, I may not have done a resolutions post.... but I'm here now- OKAY?!

So far 2011 has been pretty damn tip top. Lots of partying and eating and drinking followed by lots of sleeping. I only went back to work yesterday so it's all good but let's get the wash up meeting of my 30th year commence.

2010 was some year. Up and downs in huge proportions I'm so happy to have ended 2010 and started 2011 on a high. Let's have a look at the key milestones from 2010.

Let down by a bloke on Hogmanay (also propositioned for a threesome)
Work went really well
Bootcamp! Got down to my lowest weight for around five years.

Went to London for a dirty weekend with Topic
Work wasn't quite so busy
Got told about Moonraker by a friend

Everything came to a head with Skip. The end of an era and a really tough time for me
Went on a date with Moonrake and got swept off my feet

Really began to fall for Moonraker
Work began to get really quiet
Began to put on a few pounds

Turned 30! Had an amazing birthday and generally fantastic time
Told Moonraker I loved him
Work was non exitsent and I prepared to take up a waitressing job
Gained some more weight

Work started to  pick up - slowly
Moonraker met my Granny
Packed on a few more pounds

Moonraker started to go a bit funny. I could see the end coming
I went to Scout Camp.
I got dumped and my heartbroken for the second time in less than 6 months
I met ToyBoy

I spent a month texting and speaking to ToyBoy
Work got busier
I lost a few pounds

I went to visit Toyboy for a one off fun weekend
I went to visit Toyboy again
Toyboy came to see me
Moonraker asked me back. I stuck with Toyboy
Moved blog home

I realised that ToyBoy and I have something that's worth making an effort for
I meet up with Moonraker again and am happy I made the decision to stick with TB
I join slimming world
TB and I go away for a long weekend
Work is choc a block

I lose some weight which I then promptly start to put back on again
I see lots more of TB and the parental visits are all done - and go well
Work is great.

I put on more weight and am already willing January to arrive
Had my best month for work since I started working for myself
I realise I'm in love with TB


  1. Happy new year hon! Lets make this year the one we actually meet up again (club night sometime?)

  2. Happy happy new year miss! And I second the Smidge! x

  3. A big hurrah for the second two in December! As for the first one, isn't that what is supposed to happen that month anyway?! We need a bit of extra padding for warmth and for something to focus on sorting out in January!

    Here's to 2011!

    Rapunzel x

    ps Can't remember whether you said at the time but what bootcamp was it you went to?

  4. Oh can I come on the night out too? Specially as I very often come up the road!

  5. Happy New Year and welcome back!

    Hope 2011 is a fabulous year for you.


  6. Oooh Rapunzel - I think you would be a most welcome addition to the night out! Miss Smidge seems to be the one with the masterplan.

    The bootcamp I went to was called Back 2 Basics. The guy who ran it was a tool but it got results!


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