Monday, 20 February 2012

Costal Capers

Inspired by the lovely Lesley over at Live to Slim I took some pictures on Saturday when TB and I were scrambling about over some big boulders when we took a walk along the coast. Well, we walked for about 10 minutes on the way there and 10 minutes on the way back. The rest of the time jumping from one rock to another.

You can spot TB his wee red jumper.  It was actually pretty hard work. Lots of lunging and hauling yourself up onto wee ledges. It's times like that I'm so thankful I'm not lugging around a couple of extra stone while I try and enjoy myself.

So the exercise is still going brilliantly - as is my ability to dive head first into the biscuit tin. Yesterday was not a good day. I may also have some confessions involving garlic bread, mini eggs, a corneto and some moam sweeties. I just hope that all my gym work and other healthy choices can save the (weigh in) day.


  1. What amazing photos! I love the sky in all of those - stunning colours. Jealous of you living by a coastline - really miss that from home, nothing beats a blast of sea air!

  2. Lovely pics - gorgeous coastline. I love those rock arches and the moody sunset...

    I have fingers crossed for the weigh in.

    Lesley x


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