Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Weigh in

I weigh myself in the morning, post pee and totally starkers. I think TB was highly confused (or maybe amused?) when he blearily eyed stumbled past the kitchen this morning and saw me standing dead still and as if I had a poker up my arse.

I'm quite successfully getting into the habit of going to work with TB, 3 mornings a week as I get a lift along the road to my gym. It means I get up early and am at my desk for 9.30am - workout done, smug face on. It does mean I have to get up at 6.55am though. Ugh. Do not like. It also means that weigh in is occurring terribly early. I'm much more a fan of a 9am weigh in. I just feel that an extra couple hours must mean that your body has had longer to process anything you consumed the night before - if you know what I mean.

This is all a very long pre-amble to the most lovely news that I lost 1.5lbs this morning. Yay! I am pretty happy with that and am now 12stone 11lbs. Last week was a blip and I am still on course to have an amazing year. I mean, I'm only 3 and a half pounds away from my lowest ever - and 2 and 3/4 away from the two stone mark (lost since March last year).

I'm exercising lots right now but I'm feeling strong and like I did when I was totally on my game last summer. If I can have a week like this one but with a few tweaks here and there I'd love to lose the same again next week.

Although TB asked me what I was doing this morning when faced with a very naked me standing in the kitchen like a total weirdo, he didn't actually ask what the outcome was. I like that. A lot. He doesn't really care - which feels so good. I did push him once into admitting that he fancied the thinner me more. I think that's pretty obvious though. I also think he's trying to be a bit more healthy - which is quite a surprise. He revealed that for the past few weeks he's been walking for half an hour at lunchtime. He also plays badminton for two hours on a Thursday and tonight he's back to five-a-side. I'll have to watch out; I'm feeling him healthy meals and I bet he starts to lose weigh and faster than me!

This is totally unrelated but I wanted to share my joy that Sheryl Yvette replied to one of my tweets! It was totally inane, but she replied!

 Also, it's really cold today and so the fire has been on. Look at the size of this brute, surrounded by toy mice.


  1. It is actually incredible the difference in weight wearing no clothes and having visited the loo can make. Seriously. Sometimes I weigh myself before and after just to see.

    Unfortunately my scale seems to have broken. :-(

  2. 6.55am?!!! My heart bleeds! Pah! I have to get up at 6.30am every fricking day and that's WITHOUT squeezing a workout in. Tired and grumpy much?!

    Well done on rapidly approaching your lightest ever weight. And on the men and weight loss? So annoying and so true.


  3. Ha, sorry Peridot. I know it's infuriating to hear someone complaining about getting up early - and it's still later than you.

    That's the beauty of not living in London - oh and being self employed. Although even when I did commute from one city to the other (50 miles apart) I still only got up at 7.30 and was at my desk for 9!


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