Monday, 13 February 2012

Weigh in

This post is called 'Weigh in' but that's only because I've yet to tell you about last week's weigh in, not cause that is all I'll be bleating on about. I know... you're excited.

First up - I know my posts have been, well - totally non existent. There is a reason and it's not that I've been too busy holding cream cakes in my hands to type. Very long story short; my car broke down a week ago - when I was over 100 miles from home. Luckily I was in my old city and I got towed to garage I used to go to. My car took a few days to fix and without boring you with the details about me bunking over at friends and getting the train to meetings in other cities and ending up getting the train home from a totally different city- the upshot is I was sans laptop for most of last week as I left it at my friend's while I was schlepping about to different meetings.

I used TB's mac for work but I don't want to blog all over his computer - especially when this bad boy is meant to be on the down low. Well, he knows I blog but it's not for his eyes.  I did tap out a mammoth update when I was on the train back to pick my car up (hello 2.5 hours and £25 later, grrrr) but blogpress on my iphone appears to be a complete piece of shit and it lost the whole thing. Refer to my post on Saturday. I may also have mouthed off on twitter (@_love_cat) about that too. Mucho sorry for the potty mouth (well, not really. I bloody love to swear!).

So I've got various juicy topics I want to cover off and share with you all but I feel like this housekeeping post is necessary. To this end, here is the general health and diet chit chat from the past week. Let's start with the weigh in.

2.75lbs off. Booo YA! I am so happy about this. I worked really hard last week and didn't drink or have a pudding when out with a big group of gal pals at the weekend. I feel it is deserved and I can feel a difference in my clothes. In fact  - without clothes, I can see a difference. This means I am back to 12stone 8.25lbs. That is exactly 2 stone lost since my heaviest last year and I'm just 3/4 of a pound off my lightest ever. I am very excited and the thought of getting into fresh fat is really great.

Exercise was a bit limited last week as I missed spinning because I was still away from home. I also missed boxercise as I forgot I didn't have a car to get there and while I'm well up for the 8 mile round trip on my bike - it was too wet. Instead I went to the gym and just kind went a bit mad. I'm fearful of doing the same thing too much, and my body getting used to it so I just picked something and did it. Some kettle bells, some rowing (ugh), some upper body free weights, some spinning. Nice. And very sweaty. I must be careful actually, that I wear my slightly padded sports bra with certain t-shirts. Nipple alert!

The other exciting development from last week is that TB is heading away with work for 10 days or so. This could potentially be a very big part of his job in the future - and more than likely he will be away for up to three weeks at a time. That's all good and well but not only does it mean you don't see each other - but when he's away he isn't able to use his phone. He will have Internet access but 3 weeks without speaking is not really ideal. I know he's excited about it though as it's all really good for his career so overall - it's good news. It just means that I need to get my finger out and get my own groove on the go in my new city. This weekend I'm gonna get on top of lots of organisational jobs that I need to sort out and it also means another weekend without too many temptations of the buttery, boozy, sugary, bready, delicious type. 

Starting Weight: 183 pounds
Current Weight: 176.2.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 2.75lbs
Total 2012 Weight Loss: 6.75bs


  1. Fantastic work on the weightless. You must be feeling fabulous.. Understand your concern re TB being away for three weeks at a time but you can use it as acceleration time in your fitness plan allowing you to ease up slightly when he's home. If he's got Internet access then what about Skype. That's what Clive and Jo used every night when he was in korea. Zxx

  2. Wowzers - you certainly haven't been too busy holding cream cakes to type (or if you have, I want to know how you do that AND lose that sort of weight. Hell, the WORLD would want to know).

    I know it will be sad when TB's away but the silver lining is that it will be MUCH easier to diet effectively then.


  3. Thanks for the congratulations ladies!

    I'm quite relaxed about TB going away, I just know that by the end of a relatively quiet weekend I am usually climbing the walls!

    Not sure about Skype as while there is internet, it's probably in a shared 'computer room' as there isn't wifi. We will muddle through no doubt. x

  4. Bloody hell woman .... I hate you! Nah ... I'm just jealous - (note to self - STOP BLOODY FAFFING AROUND!). Awesome job! Also, I often find that absence really does make the heart fonder, because you've had time to do your own thing and stuff to talk about when you catch up. Anyhoo - hope it all goes well.

    (Yeah ... still jealous of that loss)


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