Friday, 17 February 2012

How does Bob Marley like his donuts?

With jammin! Just a wee Friday jape for you there. One of my personal faves too.

And why am I wittering on about jam? Cause I made some more- of course. My jams and preserves book has come up trumps once again and this time it's with banana jam. Not strictly a jam, this bad boy is addictive. All it is, is bananas, sugar and a little bit of lemon juice - all boiled up together then papped in some jars. It maybe doesn't sound that amazing but if, like me you love bananas and anything banana flavoured (think banoffee pie, banana bread, banana milkshake - can you see why I'm overweight?) then this is the jam for you.

I think I'm going to have to start calling it a sauce as it's just so sweet and delicious that I don't think calling it a jam is fair. When I was making it I was constantly liking at the jelly pan (my big pot that I boil it up in) and now that it's in jars - I cannot stay away. I had some yesterday on toast (a little post brekkie snack  - oops!) and it is just too good. What I'd really like to do with it is warm it slightly and have it over vanilla ice cream, with some toffee sauce.  It's pretty much just like a pudding in jar.

I couldn't get that middle picture to turn the right way round - but you get the sugary, sweet gist.

In other diet and exercise news... thing are going well. Not 100%, but well. Exercising is the bomb. I cycled to boxercise yesterday so that was a nice 8 mile round trip and it definitely was easier than when I last did it 2 weeks ago - even though the ride home was after some horrendous Russian twists and it was chucking it down big style.

My eating is a bit ropey though. Meals are fine. Great, in fact. It's the handful of crisps, the 6 boiled sweets a day, the wasabi peas, the cracker with banana jam.... just all those little sneaky extras that are throwing things off course. If I had lost weight on Wednesday I am sure my head would be more in the game but I know I don't quite have that laser focus that I need to have.

Today is only Friday though and I've got plenty of time to get a grip and really tighten things up. A few small changes could make a big difference and it's only me that can make them. C'mon woman. Don't let yourself down.

A quiet weekend likes ahead with hopefully a nice walk somewhere. Have a lovely one, where ever you are. x

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